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Christenson Cattle Company is family owned and operated by Scot, Jennifer, Colton, and Claire Christenson. We are located in Linden, Iowa, about 30 minutes west of Des Moines,Iowa.


After the birth of our son, we decided we really wanted get back invovled in the cattle industry. We lived on a small acreage, and did not have a lot of pasture available. We researched a lot of different breeds and decided registered miniature herefords would be the perfect fit for us. We purchased out first miniature hereford in 2014, from the Iowa State Fair, this soon lead to us forming our herd. The growth of our program has also allowed us to have a off site embryo program as well, which allows us to bring you the best genetics possible. Our goal is to bring you registered miniature herefords that are ready for the show ring but can also be an assent to your program in the future. 


We strive to raise all our cattle with care, we have a special connection with each mini that leaves our farm. Cattle are available year around and farm visits are always welcome. We would love to answers any questions you might have.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Scot  & Jennifer











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Scot & Jennifer Christenson

11730 Linden Rd

Linden,IA 50146

Scot 515-240-9525

Jennifer 515-729-4141

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